Car Park and Enhanced Garden Edging in Toowoomba

Kwik Kerb by Harry, can offer a spectrum of specialist mixes and concrete types, specifically, design for the car park kerbing and gardening. No matter whether you need concrete for a simple patio or path, or for a huge scale landscaping assignment, our garden concrete is the perfect solution.

Domestic Concrete Edging Services in Toowoomba

Whether you are creating a garden, a driveway or a path edging, all domestic assignments can be exceptionally enhanced with the utilization of high standard concrete. At Kwik Kerb by Harry, we only utilize the finest grade of concrete and are fully devoted to assuring that your needs are completely met.

Concrete Kerbing in Toowoomba

Durable. Customisable. Attractive.

Kwik Kerb® has many advantages over other forms of garden edging.

Choose Your Shape

Kwik Kerb® comes in six standard shapes and two larger sizes. All have been designed for specific purposes and styles. Fill in the contact form to speak with your Certified Kwik Kerb® Operator to select the best option for your kerbing solution.

Choose Your Colour

To generate the most vibrant colour for your kerbing, Kwik Kerb® operators use a concrete colour hardener to coat the kerb. Not only does this give a deeper colour also strengthens the kerb, giving the surface a more resistance to chipping and scratching than normal concrete. This is in place of a coloured concrete kerb using integral colour, where the colour is diluted and lacks

Kwik Kerb® has a great range of colour you can choose from called Kwik Kolour®. With eight shades of natural earth colours that have proven to be the most popular for over 25 years you are sure to find what you want.

Multiple colours can be used to create customisable styles for your kerbing, fill in the contact form to speak with your local your Certified Kwik Kerb® Operator to discuss what would be suit your home.

Choose Your Style

What style you want is completely up to you with Kwik Kerb®. Kwik Kerb® has two main finishing styles Eurostyle® and Eurobrick® and within these are any number of variations.

Eurostyle® Slate Impression edging is hand finished with detailed textures that mimic the desirable look of real slate.

Eurostyle® Rustic Wood edging like Slate Impression is hand finished and made to look like wood sleepers. However, unlike wood sleepers you can lay Kwik Kerb in any shape you desire.
Eurobrick® authentic bricks and mortar styled edging. A patented process exclusive to Kwik Kerb® Business Owners, Eurobrick® is a great way to finish your kerbing and allows you to design your own paver look in your garden. Any number of colours or combination of colours can be used to give your kerb the style you want. So don’t wait, fill in the contact form to have a local operator contact you to set up a time for a free no obligation quote.

Garden Kerbing in Toowoomba

Kwik Kerb® Business Owners will ensure that they do everything possible to ensure that your concrete edging is the best it can possibly be. The process that Kwik Kerbers follow, (although different for each job) is out lined below:

Free No Obligation Quote
As there is such a wide range of profiles, patterns and colours available, it is not possible to quote over the phone. We will make an appointment to attend your property and provide a free design and quote. We will advise you on the most suitable and cost effective solution for you.

For areas that covered by turf (lawn), the design of the Kwik Kerb is painted on the grass with the line marker.

Turf Removal
The turfed area is prepared using the Edgeprep® machine. This machine is able to remove grass to a consistent depth on the intended path for the Kwik Kerb®. The turf can then be rolled up to be removed.

Extruding the Kwik Kerb®
The Kwik Kerb® operator will fill the Edgemaster® machine with the concrete mix, which will then self-propel while extruding the concrete kerbing behind the machine. Adjustments are made with height and steering to ensure a consistent smooth kerb.


Hand Form Work
The Edgemaster® will lay the majority of the Kwik Kerb; however there will always be sections that need to be formed by hand. Corners or the end of a kerb between to walls. Kwik Kerb operators are trained to ensure that these sections fit seamlessly into the rest of the machine laid kerb.

Applying Expansion Joints
A cut is made into the concrete at regular intervals. Expansion joints are placed so that once the concrete has cured and is then subject to ground movement or fluctuating temperatures, any cracking that occurs should be confined to the expansion joints.

Finishing the Kwik Kerb®
Kwik Kerb® has two main finishing styles EuroStyle® (Slate, Rustic Wood and plain colour) and EuroBrick® and brick and mortar paving style to your kerbing. These patterned finishes are patented and exclusive to Kwik Kerb® Business Owners. To see more of these styles see our Shapes – Colours – Styles page.

Contact Kwik Kerb® Today:
If you are looking to get some kerbing at your house, Kwik Kerb® has hundreds of Business Owners around Australia so chances are Kwik Kerb® is available in your area. Please fill in the contact form to have a local operator contact you to set up a time for a free no obligation quote.